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Social Media Advertising

We help clients in a variety of verticals maximize their impact in the social space by using scroll-stopping creative generated from data-driven insights, sophisticated audience targeting using a variety of data sources, and maximizing connectivity of their marketing to the bottom line.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. Make social networks work harder for your business.

It starts with an overall strategic look at your goals and what platforms have the right audiences, targeting, and available tech add-ons. With networks chosen and budget allocated based on a projected performance, we get to work making custom-built creative for each network based on the optimizations and business goals.

We use a mix of audience sources and competitive structure to target a range of high signal to medium signal audiences using client’s first party data, powerful lookalike modeling, as well as innovative 3rd party integrations that match users to app data, purchase behavior and more.

To ensure maximum visibility and attribution, we append trackers from multiple sources helping assess after click performance as well as the effect on omnichannel marketing. With everything in place, we start to help the machine work harder with relentless optimization.

Relentless Optimization

At the end of the day, Facebook and other social networks are just a computer that you aim a problem at. It will do nothing more, or nothing less than you ask it to do.?But what if that computer can only optimize for online actions? What happens that drives low-cost leads, but cannot factor in lead quality?

This where we went beyond the “straight out of the box” setup, by using a mix of manual and machine-based adjustments. We helped Facebook algorithm better optimize its bid and spend by matching offline sales to Facebook users then manually adjusting the bid per audience improving the CPA compared to Facebook acting alone, as the machine would have continued to automatically spend toward the top-performing LEAD audience but not SALE audience.

It’s problems like this that Add3 excels at, willing to go the extra mile. In our day to day management. In our analysis. In our communication. For your business.

Data Obsessed

Social advertising has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years. And we have evolved with it. This space has gone from likes and follows to full-funnel marketing and in-depth data integrations. There is talking about using data, and there is doing it.

We’ve helped clients leverage data sources for both direct and indirect benefits, getting multiple data sources to work together to add more power to their marketing machines.

Just implementing the Facebook/social network pixels are rarely enough. Yes, they are a one-stop-shop for general analysis, tracking, optimization, and audience development, but often the website is just one part of the equation.

We have helped clients get a more omnichannel view feeding into their social marketing: offline sales matching, CRM integration, product catalog optimization, and in-depth app SDKs all help to give your social marketing a better picture of your overall business vs. what is “out of the box.”

Add3 was quick to see the potential with Facebook ads and started building a social advertising practice to encompass all forms of social media advertising to support our client’s digital marketing goals. As a result, we’re pretty much veterans now. If you’ve tried paid social advertising without success, sorry, but you were doing it wrong (it’s ok, it happens a lot). But done correctly, social media advertising can fit quite well into your marketing and advertising campaigns to meet your goals and connect with potential audiences. Facebook ads & other social media advertising actually works now. And not only that, it’s fast becoming required to achieve the social traction you need.

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